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circlet of truths. wonder of dreams.

circle my mistakes
31 December 1984
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i am just a hovering collection of cells on this floating blob of existence in the jelly of the universe

Currently live in Tucson, AZ. Originally from Basingstoke, England. I miss it a lot but enjoy life here!

I believe in life, i believe in a death that is total and an end. i believe that we, in part, carry on beyond the fringes of our mortal existence, i believe in aliens and that the government is trying to hush things up, i believe that love is real, i believe that you can look into someone’s eyes and know them completely, i believe that love turns to hate as fast as life turns to death. i believe that we evolved from apes and i believe that we are descended from extra-terrestrials, i believe that there is never and end to anything in this world and that time is an ever changing thread written on the laws of physics, that the things we do can and do shape the past, present, and future. i believe that the past is a propaganda machine, i believe in you and i believe in me. i believe that there are too many facets of one personality to be regarded as one whole. i believe that i am who i say i am but also that i was given a name and a face to belong to. i believe that none of this is real, that I’m already dead and this is hell, i believe in living for the moment, i believe in living in the present without realising what a curse it is, i believe in the loyalty of friends and i believe that human nature is greater than any force on this planet, i believe in one god and i believe in all gods, i believe in jesus and i believe in Shiva, i believe that when you swallow an apple seed a tree will grow in your stomach, i believe in psyche and eros, i believe in you, i believe

(spun off from 'American Gods' by Neil Gaiman ♥ )

you will be assimilated..you will be like us
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