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26 weeks tomorrow [Mar. 14th, 2012|06:53 pm]
circle my mistakes
I had another check up today with my OBGYN.  She's kinda scatterbrained but I like her.  I think if we have another kid in the US that I'll try to make a better selection of who I want to go with though.  I guess there's still a chance that the high risk OB who I loooved will deliver me but I'm not holding out hope.  
I have gained 22lbs so far which is normal but whoa... 
My boss Lisa made a faux pas the other day when we were taking out the trash, she looks me up and down and says 'yknow... I don't remember being that big around 6 months.'  oh, gee, thanks.  
Baby is still moving around a lot which is good.  I have another scan some time in the next couple of weeks and then on the 30th I have to go and do the gross glucose drink which I am NOT looking forward to. 
My mother in law is throwing us a baby shower this weekend.  I designed the invitations and I'm really pleased with the way they came out, I used two peter rabbit illustrations because that's the 'theme' I'm going with for his nursery.  Honestly, themes aren't my thing but my mother in law insisted so I thought if I had to have one, I'd have one I liked.
As far as getting the nursery ready all we have to do is replace the flooring and buy the furniture...soooo... still lots to do!  I know baby won't really care what he gets to sleep in once he's here but I want to have his room ready.  

this little boy likes to jump [Feb. 1st, 2012|06:05 pm]
circle my mistakes
Baby A is a BOY!  
It was so funny when the tech went to check on the sexual organs (even if you don't want to know they still have to check them to make sure everything looks ok) she said, 'you wanted to know right?  Cause I can't hide that!'  Little boy was not shy at all!
It was so cool to see the development from 12 weeks to 19 weeks.  His little face is already so developed!  Just from the profile pictures I can tell he's going to look like Brian and Brian was a gorgeous baby.  That's good because I looked like a potato.  
We had a name picked out already but now that we know he's a boy..we're not sure.  I want to try to avoid name judgement though, we already told Ruth the name we were thinking of and she was all 'ohh..really?' sooo, that was a mistake.  Her opinion of the name isn't affecting the way I feel about it, I just don't want anyone else to judge.
The other thing he was doing during the ultrasound was jumping around a lot.  That's the 'popping' feeling I keep getting.  He was also laying with his feet up by his head, he flipped over a couple of times and is generally very acrobatic.  The past few days since the ultrasound I've noticed that he seems to nap.  He'll be really active for 5 minutes then chill out for half an hour, then he'll start to jump around again until he gets tired and then he gets quiet again.  He has longer periods of activity too.  
Today I think I felt some sort of body part of his from the outside which was super weird.  I just happened to reach down to my belly and there was this weird lumpy area which moved to the side a bit before subsiding.  
I haven't been feeling sick as often, which is good.  Some days I still feel nauseous for hours in the morning.  This morning was a tough one.  I had this constant burpy feeling at the back of my throat that just wouldn't go away.
For some reason, tuna sandwiches from subway help me feel better when I feel crappy so I had one for lunch today and felt better immediately afterwards.  I don't eat more than 2 a week though because of the mercury.
Work is going ok, I'm trying to be optimistic about everything.  

3 days away! [Jan. 27th, 2012|08:53 am]
circle my mistakes
I can't wait until Monday, I want to know what's in there!  I don't really mind if it's a boy or a girl, I want it to be healthy more than anything buuut I hope baby co-operates and we get to see what it is.  
My sister thinks its a girl because of the way I'm carrying.  
I am soo excited.  And a little bit worried.  But excited.  I'm having this scan done at the high risk OBGYN facility, I'm not really sure why.. my OB said because technically I'm classed as high risk she would send me over there but it doesn't really make sense to me because all my other care has been at the regular facility.  
I don't mind though.  If this means I get to see the high risk OB I will be happy because I really liked her a lot.  
I keep thinking I feel the baby moving.  I really hope what I'm feeling is the baby.  They're still little movements, it feels like popping but then sometimes I think I feel a squirming as well.  
I have good days and bad days at work.  I'm really trying to remain positive about everything.  

more work bullshit [Jan. 20th, 2012|09:22 pm]
circle my mistakes
so after yesterday when I was told I would now be working from 10-2 I arrived at work at 10.  I worked hard all day, doing things I shouldn't really be doing (cleaning using windex, exerting myself lifting things).  At 1 o'clock my boss fucked off to lunch without telling me if she wanted me to stay until the end of the day.  I was still doing things and I thought she'd be back by the time I was done but nooo, she didn't come back until 3 o'clock.  I was working all the time up til then.  I didn't eat lunch because I thought I'd be leaving at 2 and could eat lunch at home.  When she walks in the door I'm still busy working and she glares at me but the agreement was, if there was work to do, I could stay until the end of the day.  
I'm helping my colleague finish up some things she needed doing when I hear our boss hissing whispers at her: "What's Sophie doing?  You know she's supposed to leave at 2, what  has she been doing since then?"
Mary, my colleague, talks loudly about the things I have been doing and Lisa (boss) hisses back "Just trying to figure out what's going on.."
Umm... you could ask me yknow!  I'm standing right here and I can hear you!  
I work right up until the end of the day, feeling the angry vibes coming off of Lisa every time she glares at me.  
At the end of the day, she's writing out my check in the office and we're alone so I say, "Hey, I know you said to leave at 2 unless there was work to do and Mary needed help." 
She stops, glares up at me and barks out, "Yeah, well, Mary needs to check with me next time.  It's fine.  She just needs to text me or something but it's fine.  It's fine."
passive aggressive much?
I didn't eat lunch today and inhaled toxic fumes for you!  What bullshit.  
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Shit's getting real [Jan. 5th, 2012|09:56 am]
circle my mistakes
16 weeks today, only 2ish weeks until the 'big' scan and I'm feeling nervous.  Actually,  my emotions are fairly all over the place.  I cry very easily, at any little thing.  
I'm starting to get worried about getting bigger and the effect that might have on my colitis.  
*sigh* I'm just worried about every little thing today.  I'll feel better when I can feel baby move more (or recognise when it's happening) and when I know everything's ok at the scan.
ho hum.
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all is well [Dec. 18th, 2011|04:08 pm]
circle my mistakes
 On Friday I had the NT scan.  While I'm not really worried about Downs Syndrome (I don't think I would terminate if it turned out this baby had it) I just wanted to see the baby again.  I'm really glad I had it done, it was so so so cool.  It was really amazing to see the difference between 7 weeks and 13 weeks, there's a tiny person in my belly!  It makes all the nausea and feeling shitty worth it to know that the bean is doing ok in there.  The baby was sooo active.  To begin with, when the tech started the scan the baby was just sort of hanging out in my uterus but then it seemed to wake up and started jumping about.  She was using the probe to quickly tap me on the belly a few times because she wanted the baby to move over a little bit and my little guy was like 'heeeyy, what's all this commotion?' and kept waving its arms around.  It had its legs stretched out and its arms up by its head like it was laying in a hammock.  That was really very cool.  The tech was super nice and it was just so wonderful to be able to see so much activity from the baby.  I was SO relieved because I had felt so nervous right before and worried that there wouldn't be any further development.  I also felt SO sick that morning (though that was more from nerves than anything) and as soon as I saw the baby jumping around inside me I felt 100% better. 
I should be having another scan in 7 weeks to (hopefully) find out the sex.  Of course my mother in law is already calling the baby 'she' but whatever.  
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(no subject) [Nov. 21st, 2011|11:48 am]
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I am so ready to not feel shitty every day :(

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A counter offer and acceptance [Oct. 13th, 2011|07:08 pm]
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The bank came back without changing the purchase price of the house but they did want to decrease the amount they'd pay in closing (3100 instead of 4000) and push back the closing date to December 9th. I think we're going to do it..

allergy attack [Oct. 8th, 2011|05:48 pm]
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My allergies have been SO BAD the past couple of days.
I've hoovered up all the dog hair, bathed the dog... doing everything I can to get rid of the allergens but nothings helping yet.
Arrrgh, *sneeze*
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well thank fuck for that [Sep. 28th, 2011|05:38 pm]
circle my mistakes
I just got a positive OPK test. Yay! At least I know that my LH surge is happening (doesn't really guarantee ovulation but still, makes me feel better).

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