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One week to go [Jun. 15th, 2012|10:41 am]
circle my mistakes
This time next week, no matter what, our baby will be here.  Well, he's here now, just living inside me...you know what I mean.
He's still stubbornly got his head wedged in my ribs.  He's trying to turn but can't quite get head down, I don't know why.  
Truth be told I am absolutely terrified of having a c-section.  I hate being out of control of what's happening but I think I'll be ok on the actual day.  For me, anticipation is often the worst thing.  I am scared of starting to panic during the actual procedure because of my claustrophobia (oh yay a curtain right in front of my face!)  
We finished the nursery.  I know it's not 'necessary' because he's not really going to be in there much until he's around 6months ish (probably) but its sooo important to me to have made all this effort to give him his own space.  I know he's not going to care, but I do.  I never had that, I never had anywhere to call my own, just a bed in my sister's room.  
We have washed all the small clothes and got nappies and stuff ready to go.  I'm planning on using coconut oil as a catch all for skin complaints and have some stuff from california baby for cleaning him... but he probably won't need a bath for a while?  I don't know!

I am still sporadically working, when I feel up to it.  This past week I haven't much as my hips have started to ache and I'm having intense braxton hicks contractions.  I plan on making an effort to go in on Monday though and make that my official last day so that Brian and I can have at least one day together to do something fun before the baby ruins everything.
I'm kidding but seriously, everyone loves to tell you how shitty your life is after you have kids.